The Dragon is coming up FAST!


Many of our drivers and fans are going up early to explore the beauty of the Nantahala Forests and do some early recon. We are hearing from locals in Graham County and they are glad to have you! Please remember this is still a national forest and we are under US Forest Services ¬†jurisdiction. They do give speeding tickets and do patrol the road! It is easy to think if you drive to the top of the road and back down and see no cars, you have the road to yourself. That is not true. There are several trails that dump out at the top of the road at the Observation Deck and hikers walk down the road to the entrance to Joyce Kikmer. If you round the corner out of your lane, they might hear you and assume they are fine in other lane. ¬†Also, if you have a wreck or a break down… cell service can be spotty so you may be there a while! Be careful and take care of our site and our drivers. Be sure to let the locals know you are a hillclimber and how much we appreciate their hospitality. See you on the hill!