We have feedback from drivers and spectators that tell us that the next Chasing the Dragon will likely DOUBLE in drivers and spectators! That is wonderful news and we are thrilled… but guess what else that means? It means we will need more help to make this event happen.

There are MANY areas you can help. Don’t worry about being trained or experienced… we will put you with trained personnel and let you learn and work with them. We need people in  :

Timing and Scoring              

Corner Working           

Grid & Paddock




If you are working a corner (not quite as racy as it may sound), we will see to it you are moved after every couple of run groups so you get different views of the action. If you are working parking, you will only work a half day and be free to watch the rest of the day. Worker meals are provided each day and for the Saturday night social.  This is a great time to get caught up with friends and talk about action of the day! The view at the Maple Gap Observation Deck  at day break is something you really need to see… absolutely beautiful.

It’s not too early to VOLUNTEER! Please send an email  and let us know what areas you would be interested in working. We’ll start putting together work assignment groups soon for the June 2012 event . Having plenty of workers makes it so  all of us can work and still have plenty of time to enjoy the show. Thanks again to all who volunteered last year!  We look forward to seeing you at the Dragon in June!

Email today  to :  editor@thesoutherndriver.com